Ardano Holding



Ardano Holding offers a package of services through a collection of firms that fit together to deliver best services to our customers. We have a network of experts and capabilities in various fields; construction, gardening, cleaning and catering services. In addition to transportation, tourism services and decor for both homes, corporations and institutions. Ardano also offers im- porting and exporting services to relieved the best quality to our customers. Our services, work and prices are the closest there is to perfection. Ardano, home of trust.

Consultancies and Case Studies

Ardano Holding offers a package of consultancies and case studies through our branch Al-Qudra corp that is well known for its work in construction, maintenance anddevelopment by putting at use all of its staff and equipment to deliver best results in a short period of time. Ardano uses the latest techniques with flexible planning to work under all of different conditions. We always aim to manage time, calculate risk and control quality to establish best planning and methods. Through a house of experts, quality and skill. Ardano also provides case studies, design and consultancies for urban planning, civil engineering in all of its branches. In addition to electrical and electronics, mechanical and industrial engineering.

Importing & Exporting

At Ardano Holding, we offer a package of importing services through our branches. Importing is considered Ardano’s most active service. Its importance lies in the different services provided in the firm’s branches. Starting from home decor and furniture to clothes and transportation services.

Engineering and Constructions

The management of building and construction projects or engineering projects is a comprehensive process that begins with designing the idea of the project and ends with the completion of the construction and building work for the project on time and under the agreed budget, and this includes studying the current situation, including cost control, procurement, risk assessment, defining project objectives clearly and choosing the implementation mechanism.

Manufacturing & Production

  • Concrete manufacturing business
  • Brick and cement manufacturing business
  • Water bottling factory
  • Pipe manufacturing factory
  • Kitchen manufacturing business
  • Aluminum and glass works
  • Carpentry and wood works